The Ribera del Duero Burgalesa district is rightly proud of its great gastronomy in which quality, good taste and tradition come together to create a cuisine which has its own special personality. The gastronomy of the area is closely linked to the agriculture and animal farming that thrive on our land. Pig and sheep farming takes place alongside vine and cereal cultivation.

Two of the most nationally and internationally recognised Denominations of Origin have been set up for the benefit of our quality products. These are the Ribera del Duero Denomination of Origin, which vouches for the quality of our world famous wines, and the The Protected Geographical Indication “Lechazo de Castilla y León” (Baby lamb from Castile and León), which ensures that the lamb that attracts so many visitors to our eating places is of the very best quality. .

To these two flagship products we must add our excellent bread, our great variety of sausages and cheeses, the delicious Burgos black pudding, our superb mushrooms and other fungi, our free range chickens, the delicious game from our woodlands and, of course, our typical deserts that provide a fitting end to an unforgettable meal.

The baby lamb is without doubt the main product on our table. It is divided into four quarters and each quarter is placed in an earthenware pot which goes into a traditional wood-fired oven where it will remain for a couple of hours, in a gentle heat, cooking in its own natural juices.

We must not forget another of the specialities of Ribera cuisine, lamb chops roasted on hot vine shoots, which perfectly combine the delights of the vine plant and the lamb.

From sheep farming we also obtain our excellent ewe’s milk cheeses of varying degrees of maturity. Milk from local cows may also be added to produce some fine blended cheeses. Our district is also home to cheese producing companies that carry the “Quesos Región del Duero” (Cheeses from the Duero Region) Label of Guarantee.

Nor should we forget that pork was always a key item on the menus of our forefathers. The animals were reared in every house and were part of the diet throughout the year. The pigs were usually slaughtered at the time of San Martín. From the pig we obtain our delicious sausages and the famous Burgos morcilla(black pudding).

Delicious bread is also produced in the Ribera del Duero. Visitors must try a torta de aceite, which combines wonderfully with baby lamb.

To finish off an unforgettable meal, which will have been accompanied by a fine Ribera del Duero wine, we can choose between soft cheeses, fresh cheeses with honey and typical sweets such as empiñonados (almond sweets), yemas (containing egg yokes), rice milk puddings, custards, rosquillas (ring shaped pastry) (the “Rosquilla de Cañada” is particularly delicious) and home made pastries the recipes for which are lovingly kept by the Dominicas de Caleruega.

Mushrooms and fungi are picked at the appropriate time of the year (Pleurotus eryngii, Lactarius deliciosus, marasmius oreades, mushrooms and “colmenilla” to name but a few). These make a welcome addition to our gastronomy either as main ingredients or as an accompaniment.

The restaurants in our area offer a great choice of dishes, and visitors can also take home a wide range of gastronomic souvenirs of the Ribera del Duero Burgalesa, such as cheeses, morcillas (black puddings), wine, lamb and sweetmeats, that will remind them of a restful and enjoyable visit to our district.


Consejo Regulador de la Denominación de Origen Ribera del Duero

Indicación Geográfica Protegida Lechazo de Castilla y León

Marca de Garantía “Quesos Región del Duero”