Entidad Local Menor de Peñalba de Castro

Access to this town is gained by taking the asphalted road from the town of Peñalba. We will admire its layout and its Ribera popular architecture. For our visit to the Roman city of Clunia we will go up the access road and the first thing we will see is the theatre, one of the biggest in the Hispanic world. Then we will see the public baths and an impressive public building which was erected over a long period. Two main streets, cardo and decumano, come together at the forum wh ere we shall see several mansion houses, a basilica, a market and several churches dating back to the period between the 1st and the 4th centuries.

Situation To 36 km from Aranda de Duero, in the BU-P-9333, and to 91 km from Burgos
Population 78 inhabitants
People Peñalbinos/as

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Art and Culture

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