Cabañes de Esgueva

The Roman Culture finds its point of reference in this town in the north-west of the Ribera del Duero Burgalesa in a recovered section of Roman road that crosses a restored medieval bridge.

The parish church of San Martín has one single nave, a large hall, and a masonry stone wall, a south facing entrance and a domed roof with crossed over diagonal arches. The upper end and the family chapel are the end result of a major refurbishment that took place in the 16th century. The nave, the entrance and the relief of a tympanum incrusted in the wall are of Romanic forms.

Situation To 36 km from Aranda de Duero, in the BU-110, and to 65 km from Burgos
Population 182 inhabitants.

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Art and Culture

» Puente medieval.
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Parties and Traditions

» San Martín - El 11 de noviembre.

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